Indian Creek – A Cast of Characters

After you’ve spent enough time in the Creek, you come to recognize certain groups that frequent the area. A few observations of the most obvious.

1) The Telluride Crew – These guys often show up in groups of 20 or more, all the while complaining about “how crowded the Creek has gotten” and “can you believe how many people are at this wall?” Easily spotted by their signature Carharts and visors, it’s best to avoid these large groups and seek solitude on a crag that is more than 15 minutes from the road. And as for the crowded comment, go climb at the Gunks on a Saturday in September if you want to see what a crowded climbing area truly looks like.

2) The SLC Crew – No doubt bitter that Indian Creek is the best crag in Colorado, these climbers often strut around like they have something to prove. Someone should let them in on the secret that we’re all here to have a good time.

3) The Lone Wolf – A rare breed, these folks are usually well known to those who frequent the area with any regularity. Always looking to hop a ride on your top rope and spray it up to anyone unlucky enough to be caught within earshot. True dirtbags.

4) The Vet – These are the true masters, the Jedi of the creek. Usually soft spoken, they float up the hard cracks like that was what they came to Earth to do. Usually friendly and full of great stories, they are often a pleasure to share a camp fire with. Look in the dictionary under Chris Kalous.

5) Everyone else – By far the largest group at the Creek, the rest of us just want to have fun. It’s the sickest crack climbing in the world and the scenery is top notch, what more can you ask for?

2 Responses to Indian Creek – A Cast of Characters

  1. This sounds so familiar for our routes up here!

    DSD October 17, 2007 at 1:34 pm
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