BLM Seeking Comments on New Resource Management Plan

The Glenwood Springs and Kremmling BLM offices are currently revising their resource management plans. This is an important time for local climbers to voice their opinions to this agency and could affect the future of climbing on BLM lands in the area, including Thompson Creek. From their website:

“RMP revisions are necessary if monitoring and evaluation findings, new data, new or revised policy, or changes in circumstances indicate that decisions for an entire plan or a major portion of the plan no longer serve as a useful guide for management. There is a need to revise the RMPs based upon a number of new issues such as increased recreation demand and use and rapidly expanding urban interface areas; and new policy issues such as new guidance on recreation and comprehensive travel management and transportation.”

They are in the initial stages of this process, and are taking comments up until May 2nd for this “scoping” phase. For more information visit their official website.

To submit a comment, visit this page on their site.

It should go without saying, but comments like “CliMbing rOCKs dOOd!” wont really go very far in bettering our relationship with the BLM. Be as clear and concise as possible about what climbing means to you and why continued access to our crags is important.

If you aren’t already a member of the Roaring Fork Climbers’ Coalition, be sure to sign up today. They’ll keep you updated on the latest developments and how you can help.

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