Thursday Movie Fun

We’re still out and about, doing Christmas stuff with the fam. Back to regular blogging next week. For now, here’s a clip of Fred Rouhling climbing an impressive looking 9a+ somewhere on the other side of the world. Enjoy.

Winter Solstice – Cold Heaven

Winter Solstice – Cold Heaven

To celebrate the shortest day of the year, Mike Schneiter, Bob Cornez and I decided to drive out to Coal Creek to try to grab an ascent of the elusive Cold Heaven. This is one of the finer pitches in Redstone when it’s in condition, but it’s difficult to catch in good shape. It’s a […]

Forget Grades, People Are Dumb Too

I’ve been following a recent forum thread over on, about the upcoming 2nd edition of the Indian Creek guidebook. Author Dave Bloom put out a request for any photos or info people might like to see added to the book. In return, he got an earful from a vocal minority, some of whom were […]

Momentum Video Magazine Premium Content

Momentum Video Magazine Premium Content

The Climbing Narc has an in depth look at the premium content area of Momentum Video Magazine. Sounds like they have some cool clips you can view in the subscriber-only section, I’ll have to throw down and take a look myself one of these days. It’s not very inspiring when the free videos don’t even […]

So Many Ways to Die

Well, I’m finally back in town after completing a Wilderness First Responder course up in Jackson, which was a great experience. I feel way more confident to deal with emergency situations in the backcountry, and for the time being, have a pretty good knowledge of what to do in specific situations. Broken femur? Traction splint! […]

Winter Dance Video

Here’s a video from showing the first free ascent of Winter Dance, in Hyalite Canyon, Montana. This classic Alex Lowe route had previously used a bolt ladder to connect the ice pitches. Whit Magro and Kristoffer Erickson recently climbed the rock section “free” at M8. Enjoy.

Monday Morning Movie – Dave Graham in France

Ripping it up as usual on the flash of this 8c+.

Friday Links Roundup

Well, I’m still in the thick of the WFR class, learning how to splint stuff, carrying out patients, deal with head, chest, lung trauma and more. Add to that several hours of work each night, and I’ve been a busy fella. Here’s a few interesting links for your reading pleasure on this snowy Friday morning. […]

Ice Whippers at Ouray

Well, this week it’s the Wednesday Morning Movie. Found this on YouTube, most are pretty tame falls on steep rock, but a few are entertaining. I’m on Day 3 of the WFR training, lots of info so far. Learning good stuff and we have a fun group. Looking forward to a day off on Saturday […]

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

While most folks were captivated by the humangus snow fall over the weekend, Bob Cornez and I headed to Redstone to see if we could find something to swing our tools at. Over the course of the past week I’d been watching a line get fatter and fatter, and it seemed that by Saturday it […]

Locals Corner

Bulldog Creek Dog Walk (IV WI 4+)

Hayden Carpenter and Tom Bohanon recently repeated an obscure ice climb on the south side of Mt Sopris. Given a brief mention in Jack Robert’s ice guide, Bulldog Creek Walk is described as being 100 meters of WI 4. What they found was seven pitches of ice in a remote setting that makes for one […]

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