Coal Creek is Cold Heaven

Seems everywhere you look, everyone is talking about this winter. From backcountry skiing, to climbing ice, there is a lot of buzz in the air. New routes in Ouray, Telluride and even our own backyard. Climbs that often only last a couple days because they melt quickly have gotten fat with all the snowy weather.


We finally got to climb Cold Heaven, after two previous attempts this season, and it did not disappoint. This thing has to be one of, if not the, best pure ice line in Redstone. Get it while you can, though, because sunny weather is on the way according to NOAA, and it may not last long. Redstone isn’t typically known to have any cragging, but in a winter like this, Coal Creek has about a dozen or so climbs that offer fun pitches minutes from the road. There are a couple of other good routes up the same gully as Cold Heaven, the slabs are fat, and the lines in the upper amphitheater are good as well, including a couple I’ve never seen before. Time to get while the getting’s good!

Bob Cornez getting into the thick of it on the steep start.

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