Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Review

bd_mercury.jpgDriving back from skiing in Marble yesterday, it’s pretty apparent the ice season in Redstone has come to a close. The Pencil fell down, the Pillar is missing it’s top, the Drool is running with water. What a season it was though! Aside from all the incredible ice that formed up, I also got more dialed in in the gear department. Along with the Black Diamond Punisher Gloves, I have found the holy grail of warm belay mittens. They are the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts, and these things are toasty! The first time you put them on you may be confused, as they seem to be generating their own heat. I didn’t know that the geniuses over at BD had developed minature nuclear reactors, but apparently that’s the case. They are sized large, which makes it easy to wear a thin liner glove underneath. This is nice for when you need to remove the mitts for some dexterous task, but don’t want to expose your hands to the cold. You can also remove the liners if you don’t need all that warmth, and substitute something of your own. These are the warmest things I’ve ever had on my hands, if you are looking for the perfect ice climbing belay handwear, look no further. This is as good as it gets.

One Response to Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Review

  1. these things kick ass. Best mitts I’ve ever used. Super toasty, never once had cold hands. Highly recommended.

    Adam October 25, 2009 at 3:47 pm
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