Embracing the Grey Days of Spring

It seems it’s almost become fashionable to complain about the weather these days, as it’s been a solid two weeks of grey wetness, with only one or two nice days in between. Somehow every year we all forget that this is spring in Colorado and quite normal, though most prefer the years when summer shows up early and stays late.

On some level, I am going to miss these grey weekends, as they afford a level of relaxation not found in the rest of the year. Once the nice weather arrives, we’ll be getting up early every day to pack the bags, eat breakfast and head out the door to our favorite cliffs.

But on these wet weekends, there is nothing to do. There are no expectations. You can sleep late, get up a noon, cook a huge breakfast, sip coffee, hit the climbing gym for a couple hours, and head out for a nice evening with friends. The pace is refreshingly laid back, especially living in a place where the active lifestyle borders on addiction for many, and chilling out is something you only do on the way to and from whatever it is you’re doing that day.

So take a deep breath, sit back, and enjoy watching the beauty of snow falling on your green lawn. It’s not going to stick around that much longer, and soon we’ll all probably be complaining how hot it is, wondering when the cool temps of fall will be here.

2 Responses to Embracing the Grey Days of Spring

  1. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. When I lived in CO, I prayed for wet days as it meant I could relax and not do anything. Sort of the opposite here in the Northeast where cloud cover is expected and the sun is sought after!

    Climberism May 3, 2011 at 4:49 pm
  2. I’ll never forget the Spring of 1995 in Colorado, socked in for more consecutive days than I can to remember. Too warm to snowboard or ice climb in the mountains and all the rock was seeping along the Front Range. Every single dry and sunny Spring day is cherished before Summer arrives and turns the south eastern and south central states into a sauna until October.

    Marc B May 5, 2011 at 11:23 pm
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