Best 5.8 in the Universe?

Best 5.8 in the Universe?

There was a recent article on called Crazy Eights, hyping the best 5.8 trad climbs around the country. There were some great routes on there, and it got me thinking what a wonderful grade 5.8 truly is.

Colorado’s Next Bouldering Hot Spot?

Those who’ve been to the South Fork boulders have been throwing around superlatives like they are going out of style: the next Colorado hot spot, better than Evans, better than RMNP!

Access Alert: Cattle Drives in Indian Creek

This just in from the Friends of Indian Creek: It’s Fall and the temps at the Creek are crisp and perfect. Its also time to bring the herd in from the high country of the Abajo’s. The FOIC got a call from the Dugout Ranch last night reminding us that this is the week when […]

Climbing Without a Helmet? Now that’s Scary!

Don’t wear a helmet while climbing? This post might change your mind, plus you can win one from Petzl by simply leaving a comment.

Can You Tell Me About Rock Climbing?

I could…or you could watch this hilarious video which tells you everything you need to know about the sport.

Indian Creek Tips and Tricks

Indian Creek Tips and Tricks

Here’s a rundown of a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your next time climbing in Indian Creek.

Another Athlete Vid From Sterling Rope

This time showcasing Daila Ojeda, and a beautiful looking route in Oliana, Spain called Mind Control. And in case you missed it, the first in the series focused on Chris Sharma. All of the videos were shot and edited by Joe Kinder. Enjoy! Daila Ojeda – climb ‘A muerte’ on Sterling Rope from sterling rope […]

Locals Corner

Guidebook Update

So yeah, it’s been quiet around here, but not because I’m sitting around wasting away my summer watching reruns and eating cheesy poofs. Rather, I’m up to my neck in guidebook research, and don’t have much time for anything else, as we are going to press in the next month. Here’s a few images for […]

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