Access Alert: Cattle Drives in Indian Creek

This just in from the Friends of Indian Creek:

It’s Fall and the temps at the Creek are crisp and perfect. Its also time to bring the herd in from the high country of the Abajo’s. The FOIC got a call from the Dugout Ranch last night reminding us that this is the week when the cattle are driven down the Cottonwood drainage to the Ranch HQ pastures.

As such there are a few requests that we, and the Ranch, have so that all parties can get along without any mishaps. First, if you see the herd coming and your in your car, stop and let them pass around you. Second, the cattle guards and associated gates are bottlenecks for the cattle. The Ranch has requested that climbers park at least 300 feet from the gates. This will help them to get through the tight space, and it might help it so that no cows try and climb over your vehicle (I once saw this in my home town… it was ugly). And third, make sure any dogs are on leashes when down near the road. A dog chasing a cow can end very badly for all parties involved.

Folks, the Dugout Ranch is a slice of the old west and it helps to give the Indian Creek area its character. It is very kind of them to let us know these next few weeks, especially the weekend of the 21-23 of October, is when the cattle are being moved. Historically there have been a few times when cows, cowboys, and climbers have butted heads. That does not need to be the case. We all live together in this beautiful place… lets help them out and let the cattle drive happen as smooth as possible.

Thanks, the FOIC

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