Black Canyon Sunset

Hmm, it’s quite a bit later than I was hoping. Is this still a good idea? It’s only six pitches, that should go quick, right? It IS the Black… How long does it take to get to the base? I don’t know, it’s been awhile, maybe 30 minutes? That should leave us enough time.

OK, that took longer than I remembered, it’s 4pm, that gives us four hours of climbable light. That should be enough. I hope these clouds don’t turn into rain, neither of us has rain jackets. I’ll be so pissed at those people at NOAA if they botched the forecast again. Alright, link the first two and the next two, back to back two hundred foot pitches. GO!

Hmm, these feet sure are slabby. Remember how to trust them again. Hmm, this crack is wide, glad I have the big cam. Bumping. Bumping again. Kinda dirty, not much traffic in the summer, clean it up a bit for T. Keep moving, up and up. I guess this is the belay, gear is small, put in a bunch of it. One more long pitch and the climbing eases off…

I should protect this move, but I don’t want heinous rope drag. Trust the feet, sink a 00 C3 a little higher, relax. Keep moving, man this feels so different than sport climbing. Not always getting gear where I want it, but always where I need it. Remember your training. Observe the doubt, but don’t give in to it. Trust the process, who cares how far away that last piece is, these jugs are soooo good! Let out a holler, you’re back in the Black!

Now we’re moving, should make it just fine. Rain seems to be holding off, way to go NOAA, nailed that one. Wow, that sunset is spectacular! Wish we could stop to enjoy it, but gotta keep moving. “Off Belay!” Sweet, just enough light to follow this last pitch and get back to the car. One last glance into the murky depths of the canyon, what a place.

Back at the car. “What were we thinking?” Tracy says, with a look on her face like we just got away with something. “I don’t know, something along the lines of, wouldn’t it be fun to climb a route in the Black on the way home from the wedding in Ouray?!”

2 Responses to Black Canyon Sunset

  1. Aaaah, a worthy pursuit for sure. Those are the best days:) Good on ya!

    Ryan Jennings August 29, 2012 at 12:52 pm
  2. Great picture of Maiden Voyage (thanks once again Layton). Just had an similar experience to this one last week, this article really hit home for me BJ, thanks. Nothing like climbing in the Black, i have a new addiction!

    Kevin McGarity September 17, 2012 at 6:23 pm
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