Welcome (Back) to Indian Creek

Hey there, welcome back to Indian Creek! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you last, but that’s not a problem, you’ve been doing this for a long time, and your body knows what to do (once you can get your mind out of the way). In case you forgot, here’s what you can expect:

Day 1 – It’s probably going to feel bad. That’s OK, and to be expected. I mean, aside from a few random hand jams in Rifle, it’s not like you’ve been climbing splitters lately. You’ll be surprised at how hard the climbs make you breathe, even though you think you are in “good” shape and are climbing well elsewhere. No big deal, it’s all part of the re-entry. Just roll with it, hang on gear if you have to, but get after it as much as you can on the sharp end, it’ll be good for your mental fitness.

Day 2 – Woke up pretty sore, huh? Forgot your shoulders could feel like that, didn’t you? Don’t worry, today your body will remember more of how to jam smoothly and use technique, so even though you feel somewhat worthless, go climbing, because it’ll be fun and encouraging.

Day 3 – Take a rest day, or your shoulders actually might really fall off. Go for a long hike up one of the canyons, I hear Fringe of Life if pretty rad.

Day 4 – Feels good to be back, right? The cylinders are firing like they should and you are stoked. Get after it and climb as many pitches as you can, you are in Indian Creek and there’s no one else here!!! Oh, and in case you aren’t sure what you are doing well and why it feels better, it probably has something to do with this:

You’re relaxing on your jams, instead of forcing them.
You’re torquing your elbows in to lock in those harder sizes.
You’re pushing with your feet more and pulling with your arms less.
Your knees are coming up and locking in your feet.
You’re placing cams at your waist on long pitches, instead of hauling 35 meters of rope up and over your head. No wonder your shoulders were sore!

It was great to have you back, hopefully we’ll see you again much sooner this time!

2 Responses to Welcome (Back) to Indian Creek

  1. A rest day on a 4 day trip?! soooooft!

    kevin October 10, 2013 at 1:37 pm
    • Ouch! I certainly can’t climb 4 days on in the Creek, no shame in that. And for the record, it was a 6 day trip.

      BJ Sbarra October 10, 2013 at 2:14 pm
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