Patagonia Aimless Jeans – Tough Climbing Pants

Patagonia Aimless JeansI think I’ve finally found the perfect pair of climbing pants. I’ve tried thin cotton, synthetic, regular jeans, always feeling like something just wasn’t quite right. The nylon thing seemed to be in for awhile, until you realize than when you throw your hip into a corner you’ll just slide right off. Jeans are better, but they can often be a little limiting in the movement category. Enter the Patagonia Aimless Jeans. These things have a good fit, and the organic cotton denim with built in stretch is perfect for high stepping and other big moves. They’ve held up pretty well so far, and I’m curious to see how things go for the rest of the season. I had some other Patagonia pants I once liked, but the material was so thin it wore through rather quickly. These seem to have just the right combination of durability, flexibility, and of course, style.

One Response to Patagonia Aimless Jeans – Tough Climbing Pants

  1. if it’s cold enough for jeans, then why the hell are you climbing. if it’s not warm enough to belay without a puffy, then it’s not warm enough to climb.

    pray for snow.

    dave April 18, 2007 at 4:39 pm
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