Sterling Ropes Recycling Program

Looking to do for ropes what Patagonia has done for underwear, Sterling is now offering a recycling service. Instead of just throwing that old cord in the closet, you can send it back to them and they will recycle it for you. The official press release is below, which I found on several message boards. Strangely, I couldn’t find it on their site.

It’s great to see climbing companies step up to the plate like this. Many climbers like to get all high and mighty about environmental ethics while at the same time driving numerous SUV’s hundreds of miles each weekend to use gear that was produced using many toxic chemicals. One of the great things about all the new climbing around Carbondale is that it cuts down on driving time in an era when people should be more conscious of the impact their actions have on their environment. A 2 hour round trip to Rifle or 30 minutes to get back and forth from the Narrows? Certainly something to consider…

Press Release
Sterling Rope is dedicated to protecting our natural resources and wilderness areas. To this end, we are exploring the feasibility of a used climbing rope redemption program. Right now, Sterling Rope recycles unused new fiber (scrap left over from our normal manufacturing process) and we are working with another company to determine the logistics and details of recycling used nylon climbing ropes.

We are looking for your help. We need to acquire as many used ropes as possible for a test run. Sterling will run the pilot program regionally (in the North East) for this initial test then will launch it nationally if successful.

Rather than having that old rope go into the landfill or languish in the back of the closet, let’s give it new life and a new purpose– we will accept any brand of nylon rope from any manufacturer.

Dynamic climbing ropes are made of nylon. Nylon is made from petroleum and if we recycle our old climbing ropes we can reduce our consumption of oil.

This program endeavors to re-purpose these ropes as carpet pads, coat hangers, and even children’s toys.

Together we can make a difference.

Please email for full program details.

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