Discuss the Future of Climbing on Independence Pass

Sorry to post this so late, but there is a meeting tonight in Aspen at the Red Brick to discuss the future of climbing on Independence Pass. A few concerned citizens (climbers primarily) have been meeting with representatives of Wilderness Workshops regarding how their Hidden Gems Wilderness proposal might affect pass users.

A compromise plan has been discussed that extends wilderness boundaries from their current location but does not extend wilderness all the way down to Highway 82 on its north side as is in the draft Hidden Gems proposal. This would allow maintenance of bolted climbing anchors with mechanized means and allow for further mechanized bolting to create more climbing routes up the pass. Additionally, it would have the effect of not limiting machine work that continues up the pass in reclamation and restoration projects primarily undertaken by CDOT and the Independence Pass Foundation.

We now need to know if we are on the right track in our discussions. So we ask that you come to a meeting this Wednesday July 29 at the Red Brick Gymnasium at 6:30 pm to hear what the issues are and give us some guidance. A representative from Wilderness Workshop will be on hand to answer any questions related to the Hidden Gems proposal. Please, come and weigh in!

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  1. I missed this – did anyone go? or have a low down on how it went?


    JG July 30, 2009 at 4:16 pm
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