Our Favorite “New” Climbing Websites

It seems there’s no end of new climbing blogs popping up daily, but most follow the same unfortunate path. Start out strong for a little while, but when the reality of keeping regular updates sets in, the spark fades and the site languishes into obscurity. (Pimpin and Crimpin where did you go!?!?) There are, however, some great new sites I’ve come across recently, and here’s to hoping they can keep a good thing going. (And when I say “new,” I mean new to me, as some of these have been around for quite awhile).


As someone who someday wants to have kids, I’m increasingly intrigued by the people who have kept climbing after having children. What works for them, what doesn’t, what are the challenges? Do you ever really get to sleep? Erica Lineberry has a great blog going that details the adventures that she and her husband have with their child Cragbaby in tow. An excellent and revealing look into the world of moms who still pursue their passion, with the hope of passing along to their children an appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle.


These guys are trying to bring together a diverse group of bloggers from all over the country, so you can get your climbing blog fix all in one spot. While the content is currently a little southeast-centric, they are working to get more and more folks involved. We just got on board, offering up the classic My Day in the Life of a Woman Climber as our first post. The diversity is refreshing, and no matter what you are into you’ll find something interesting over there. Definitely want to throw this one in your feed reader.

Off Belay Podcast

We’ve already mentioned this previously, but they are putting out some great stuff. If you like sitting around the campfire, listening to a friend talk about climbing, then subscribe to this in your iTunes and check them out. From the ant-anti-crowd rant to the pros and cons of climbing couples, no topic is sacred, and Chris and Jamie Lynn bring a unique and humorous perspective to the climbing world.


Another site I’ve known about for awhile, recently they’ve been diversifying their content, including a weekly series of videos called Weekend Choss. These are some great shorts that show ordinary people out enjoying climbing, in all it’s varieties. It’s a rare look at the “everyman” climber, and the simple joys we all get out of the this thing called climbing. I do spend a lot of time in Idaho (for someone who lives in Colorado anyway), so I may be a bit biased here.


I don’t follow many “pro” blogs, frankly most just aren’t that interesting. The exceptions, for me anyway, are Joe Kinder and Sonnie Trotter, and now I’ve added Jonathan Siegrist to that list.  He posts often, with great photos, and usually has something interesting to share. It probably doesn’t hurt that he spends much of his time gallivanting across the West at places I enjoy reading about.

Evening Sends

My friend Andrew is the Senior Editor over at Rock and Ice, and he recently created an online home for all his writing, a place where he can spread his wings a little more than at the mag. You’ll find a wealth of stuff on here, from past Tuesday Night Bouldering columns to his latest discourse on the role media plays in the climbing world. Hours of worthy bathroom reading on your iPad await.

Know of any others we should check out?

5 Responses to Our Favorite “New” Climbing Websites

  1. Hey thanks for including me on your list – I’m honored! I’ll also give a +1 to the guys over at Cruxn – and I truly enjoyed your life as a woman climber post 🙂

    Erica Lineberry (Cragmama) June 29, 2011 at 5:29 pm
  2. Thanks for the shout out to Cruxn, BJ. We’re psyched to have you involved, either as a man or a woman in need of a shave. And thanks for the +1, Erica. (Is that the new “like”?) We always dig your posts! OK, enough Cruxn love fest from me…

    On a side note, I tried to get the Off Belay podcast to load into Google Listen on my Droid last nite but couldn’t get it to work. I’m really interested in giving this podcast a listen soon though. I’ve heard good things.

    Matt Paden June 29, 2011 at 6:59 pm
  3. Hey, thanks for the heads up on a few good sites. As someone who regularly checks in on most of those sites I think you have correctly identified a few great ones. I especially like Bisharat’s new site as it has a cutting edge look to it, something I envision the climbing mag of the future will look like when reading it online.

    Keep up the good work!

    Eric Crews June 30, 2011 at 2:56 pm
  4. Very much appreciate having my site mentioned on such a rad little list. Big thanks!

    Jonathan June 30, 2011 at 7:06 pm
  5. Great list here. These are all top notch sites. I, like the others, am honored to be a part of Cruxn. I’ll have to listen to some of the Off Belay podcasts. Joe Kinder and Jonathan Siegrist’s sites are the only pro blogs I follow. They are excellent!

    Hopefully I can make your list next time around! Working on it.. 🙂

    Gif July 5, 2011 at 12:45 pm
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