The REAL Holiday Gift Guide for Climbers

Hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner, If you’re like me, you haven’t done any shopping yet, but not to worry. If there’s a special climber in your life, we’ve put together the ultimate guide of cool gifts they’ll actually want. Without further ado, the REAL Holiday gift guide for Climbers:

Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Twill Pants

“I feel like a super hero in these pants.”
“You look like the Joker.”
For my birthday climb, I was in a festive mood, and deiced to sport my new Lake Lodge Twills from Mountain Khakis. They call the color Mint Julep, which is just about the most awesome green color imaginable. In fact, I’ve received countless comments and compliments about the pants (being told you look like a Euro is a good thing, right?) The pants are the perfect blend of cotton and spandex, my favorite combo for climbing, offering excellent stretch and durability. This is the best climbing specific pant MK makes, and one of the my all time favorites. For the less fashion included, they come in normal colors, but you can also get them in a nice bright red as well.
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Mammut Neon Gear 45

This might be the ultimate sport cragging pack, as no feature has been overlooked (how very Swiss). First off, the bag has a great cube shape, which makes it easy to stuff all your gear in. The back panel zips open, allowing for instant access to everything you have inside. The bag comes with a rope tarp, so you can strap your cord to the outside, and then flake it on the tarp when you get to your climb. There’s a mesh pocket for storing your shoes, and, my personal favorite, there’s even a little zippered bag to store your chalk bag in, so you don’t get chalk all over your stuff. For sport cragging at places like Rifle, Clear Creek Canyon or Wall Street, this bag is tough to beat!
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Metolius Feather Nut Tool

A perfect stocking stuffer, this is about as light as you can get for nut tools, weighing in at a scant 21 grams. It doesn’t seem as burly as other, well, more burly tools, but so far it’s held up well on several multipitch endeavors. Small and simple, this one is sure to make any trad climber smile.
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The Climbing Dictionary

Maybe THE climbing gift of the year, this one is sure to provide countless hours of enjoyment year round. It’s become a permanent addition to my bathroom reading arsenal, right next to the Official Dictionary of Sarcasm (another excellent read). No longer will you be scratching your head when your friends talk about a drill sergeant, grabbing a crozzler, holiday grades, or the elusive pudpoint. Truly one of the greatest literary achievements of our time.
Get more info on their website.

Native Bolder Sunglasses

I have a love/hate relationship with sunglasses. I love that they protect my eyes, and feel naked if I forget them at home. I hate how they tend to get abused so quickly and soon end up in the scratched pile. I’ve been wearing the Native Bolder’s since the summer, and so far they’ve held up incredibly well. All their lenses are polarized, and every pair comes with two different options, which are easy enough to swap out. Every model features venting to keep you from sweating in your eyes, and they’ve got some stylish frames to choose from.
Get more info on their website.

Nau Down Shirt

Nau is a very cool company based in Portland, OR, whose goal is to make sustainable urban and outdoor apparel. I’ve known of the brand for some time, but hadn’t ever checked out their stuff before this fall, when I scored the new Down Shirt. A quick perusal of their site will reveal a fashionable take on outdoor staples, and the Down Shirt is no exception. Offering incredible warmth for its weight, it will feel right at home when you go out to dinner with the in-laws over Christmas. They’ve got a bunch of other great stuff worth checking out, and it’s a welcome change from other brands that tend to look like they are passing around designers each year.
Get more info on their website.

Primo Chalk

To most folks, chalk is chalk, but not for these guys. Their chalk uses a blend of 5 different oils and a natural drying agent, which they claim is superior to other forms of chalk. It makes your skin less dry, while offering better grip, and you don’t need to reapply as often. Most folks probably don’t have any problem with the current chalk, but if you get really sweaty palms, this could be the perfect gift this holiday season!
Get more info on their website.

Prana Stinger Jacket

This is one of those jackets you’ll end up taking everywhere. Light enough you wont think twice about throwing in the pack, but warm enough to block a cool wind on a chilly cragging day. A generous cut comes low and keeps the cold at bay. The side panels are breathable fleece, giving it more breathability than the usual insulating jacket.
Get more info on their website.

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