Top 5 Reasons To Come to the 5Point Film Festival

Despite a winter that just wont quit, it really is spring, and in Carbondale, that means it’s time yet again for the annual 5Point Film Festival. Every year I look forward to this event, and every year I’ve come away even more impressed than the time before. Do you want to be inspired? Do you believe that light is stronger than darkness? Do you love seeing inspiring people in incredible locations doing amazing things?  Well, if you need any more reasons to make the trip to Carbondale next week, here’s our Top 5 Reasons to Come to 5Point:

5. Live Podcasts

Want to be part of something fun and unique? This year both the Enormocast and Dirtbag Diaries will be doing live podcasts from the event. This is a great chance to meet the people behind the voices and stories that make us laugh, think and cry. Plus you can heckle the special guests, and who doesn’t enjoy that? Chris Kalous of the Enormocast will also be the MC for the Saturday night show, making this event a must for die hard Enormo fans!

4. Special Guests

Speaking of special guests, 5Point features a veritable who’s who of the outdoor film and adventure athlete crowd. For the climbing crew, confirmed to be at the event are Jeremy Collins, Chris Alstrin, Fitz Cahall, Kyle Dempster, Alex Honnold, Tim Kemple, Hayden Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Brendan Leonard, Renan Ozturk & Austin Siadak. It’s likely there will be others as well, and I’ve heard rumor that Kelly Cordes will be in attendance for the live Enormocast.

3. Carbondale

If you’ve never been, this is a great time to come check out our little town. Surrounded by mountains and endless recreation, you can play hard during the day, hit a great restaurant in the evening, and then check out the films at night. The snow has been great, so bring your skis and go for a peak descent, or maybe if it drys out you can sample some of the over 1000 climbing routes within the surrounding area. New routes have been going in almost weekly this spring, whether you like cobbley sandstone, techy granite or steep limestone!

2. Incredible Films

Every year you think, how can it be any better than last year? But it always is. This year looks to be no different, with the usual wide range of subject matter from a blind skateboarder to surfing in the Arctic. I’ve also heard there might just be a surprise entry or two as well! Plus, of the over 50 films you can see over the course of the weekend, more than 20 of the films being shown will be premiered for the first time at this event.

1. Friends

This has quietly become one of the premier gatherings of our outdoor tribe, and friends will be gathering from far and wide. We already have people who are sleeping in every available space in our house, and will probably pick up a few others along the way. It’s also a time to make new friends, and start new journeys. I can’t wait to see all of you there!

Tickets to each show are $22 for adults, $13 for 18 & under, and prices will go up April 24th. A festival pass is available for $120, and all tickets can be purchased online.

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