An Embarrassment of Riches

I’ve been spending some time up at a new cliff this year. Only one other person I know of has actually hiked up to it, and that was a long time ago. It sits high above the valley, with stunning views in every direction. The hike is steep, but only 30 min or so, standard fare for a place like the Creek, but at the upper limit of what most casual craggers will do.

I had written off full scale crag development for several years, because it’s hard, and all consuming. It’s not like putting in pitches at an established zone, where there are other things to climb and you can add new ones at your leisure. This requires a single minded focus. Figuring out the best way up to the cliff, how to get to the top, what the prime looking lines might be, etc. This cliff is tall, 150 feet, so it was big and overwhelming at first, trying to rap in on the choice lines. Plus, I knew I’d only spend maybe one day a week at this spot, wanting to balance developing with getting “real” climbing in.

Now that the snow is coming, I’ve started wrapping things up for the season, but finished equipping one of the king lines and what will be a popular pitch for sure. The variety on it makes me giggle, and the way all the moves come together without ever being too hard feels like a gift. There is great potential at this cliff, and someday it’ll be a wonderful retreat for those who want something close to home but with a big and remote feel.

I’m hoping to get one more pitch done before the season closes, an excellent 30m line up cracks, cobbles and slab that will be one of the best warm up pitches. It’ll take some others getting motivated to turn this place into a crag, but when it does, it’ll be another worthwhile spot that we can add to the embarrassment of riches we have in our local climbing scene.

Oh, and in case you are wondering where it is, I can’t tell you details just yet, but rest assured when the time is ripe, it’ll be open for all to enjoy 😉

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