Redstone Ice Conditions Update – 12.10.13

Hays Falls, Redstone, CO. Can you spot the climbers at the anchors?

After one of the worst ice years in recent memory, this year is shaping up to be one of the best. There is already ice coming in that typically doesn’t show up until much later in the winter. If you aren’t local, it’s probably not worth a trip just yet, but in a couple weeks there will likely be many things to climb.

Avocado – might be climbable, was still very thin last time I checked.

Dancing in the Moonlight – there was a car here on Saturday, it’s probably good to go.

Tomato Chimney – in, have fun on the approach.

Crystal Visions – coming in.

Dirty Linen Gully – has some ice on it, probably not quite yet.

Hays Falls – in good.

Pencil – some ice on it, maybe this year?

Drool – Not yet.

False Drool – no.

Redstone Slabs – forming.

Redstone Pillar – very thin, needs some  more time.

Marble Falls – probably not.

Coal Creek is where the magic is happening right now, with ice all over the place. The Man Camp mixed cave is in good shape, and the mellow Pipe Route (WI2) on it’s left side is in fat. If you’re looking for more info on the routes there, be sure to check out our online topos.

My vote for the best single pitch in the valley, Cold Heaven, is coming in, and could be climbable by the weekend. There are several interesting routes up hill from this that are in right now, including a fun pillar route.

Single Parenting – in.

Curtain Call – as close as it’s been in years, could actually come in this week. Doesn’t look like much from the road but is well worth it.

Further afield, I’ve heard Hidden Falls in Glenwood Canyon is in, and there is ice in Rifle as well.

Also, the Redstone Winterfest returns this year the weekend of February 14-17th, and should be a great time with gear demos, clinics and all the usual fun stuff you’ve come to expect from an ice climbing festival. It’s a great time to come check out the Redstone area if you’ve never been. With all the snow and now some sun this week, things should be cranking by the weekend. Have fun out there, and let us know if anything else is in!

2 Responses to Redstone Ice Conditions Update – 12.10.13

  1. Here’s a look, with pictures, at conditions in Rifle and Glenwood Canyon. Enjoy!

    Mike December 12, 2013 at 11:00 am
  2. Fyi, the drool is cracked almost in half 2/3 way up it. Didn’t fall on me tho.

    Jason December 26, 2013 at 5:21 pm
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