Petzl Djinn Axess Quickdraw Review

djinn-axessWhile many climbers consider the Petzl Spirit Express to be the ideal sport climbing quickdraw, they may need to reconsider their stance with the new Djinn Axess. Though positioned as a “second tier” draw due to their lower price ($16.95 vs $21.95 for the Spirits, 12cm), folks will likely find themselves scratching their heads wondering why it’s so much cheaper once they’ve had a chance to use it.

With a bigger size and larger gate opening, they feel great in hand and are super easy to clip. More metal also means these should take longer to wear out. Available in 12 or 17 cm lengths, the dogbone isn’t as stout or wide as the one on the Spirit draws, but it’s rigid and easy enough to grab onto, should the need arise. The difference in cost compared to other high end draws is also significant, as for a set of twelve you’ll save $60 over the Spirits, which is no small amount.

While there’s certainly nothing groundbreaking here, Petzl has created an excellent, durable draw that offers the functionality of more costly rigs, but at a significantly lower price.

Retail is $16.95 for 12cm, $17.95 for 17cm. More info and tech specs available here.

One Response to Petzl Djinn Axess Quickdraw Review

  1. The thing I love about the bent gate version is the huge basket, or well, that makes finger clipping a breeze. In my mind the bent-gate Dijin is the best rope clipping carabiner since the DMM Tru-clip. Nothing else even comes close.
    Climb Safe,

    Malcolm Daly July 21, 2014 at 11:39 am
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