A Mid Summer Night’s Dream


Sitting at the base of the cliff, staring out onto the hillside, a wave of calm washes over me. How many times had I been here before? Too many to count at this point. It was another lonely afternoon at one of my favorite local crags, a fin of limestone perched on a hillside above a picturesque creek. I’ve often wondered why the place isn’t more popular, but I guess with some silly access restrictions and lack of a guidebook, most folks would rather go elsewhere.

Not that I mind being alone with the rock, trees and sky. Add in a few close friends, and I have heaps of good memories of this place. We’ve walked out in the dark countless times, happy with another fun afternoon of climbing, but always wary of the mountain lions known to inhabit the area.

The creek provides a musical backdrop for our thoughts. On the way in, of climbs we want to do, on the way out, of reflections of the day. Moves that were memorable, successes, failures, and even the successes in those failures. The way the stars twinkle above the silhouettes of the pine trees.

When the time comes, would we bring our kid here? Contemplating new directions in life, I’ve started to wonder what certain things will be like when we take the plunge and there is a new family member involved. Of course, she replied. And I smiled, once again thankful beyond measure for the wonderful woman that I’m married to.

The creek is raging on our hike out, swollen with the fresh runoff that the warmer temperatures are releasing from shady nooks up high. It’s still light out, as I’ve got to get to work, and I take in the surroundings, as we chat on our walk back to the car. Back at home, I feel surprisingly tired, which only brings more satisfaction, knowing that I pushed myself hard, fully welcoming the day of rest that tomorrow will bring.

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