Looking Back, Looking Forward


I always enjoy this time of year, when we take a moment to reflect on the year that was, and look ahead to what might be. Looking back, it was an interesting year for me, one of two distinct and contrasting halves. The first part of 2014 was filled with numerous outdoor climbing adventures, and some personal bests. Then in July I tweaked a finger and ended up in the gym for rehab. The rehab turned into serious training, inspired by the Rock Climber’s Training Manual, which meant a lot of time in the gym. And then Tracy broke her foot in October, which meant more time needed to attend to her, and less time available for outdoor climbing. So I embraced the training, and got strong. The outdoor days I did get were fewer than normal, but they felt great thanks to the hard work on the plastic

Looking forward to 2015, I’m hoping to find balance, keeping some aspects of the training, but also getting back more on real rock. We’ve got some fun winter crags around here and I’m told there are many new routes to check out. The ice should be pretty good by now as well. And Spring is right around the corner, along with dreams of the desert…

So on this last day of the year, I hope you’ll take a look back at all you did (or didn’t do) and learn what you can. And then look the other way, and set some big plans. Trips you want to take, routes you want to climb, grades you hope to attain. Whatever it is, dream big. It doesn’t matter if you get there or not, but the process of trying is everything. The small goals are easy, but the big ones will demand your best, which is where the learning, and fun, truly happen.

Happy 2015 everyone!

Locals Corner

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