Coal Creek Ice Climbs

Maybe this year...

Coal Creek is one of those places that in the right conditions is fantastic, but catching it in shape can be tough. There’s a healthy variety of climbs here when they come in, from short pillars to rope stretching mixed routes. In a good winter, abundant snowfall with the right combination of sunny and cloudy days means a lot of ice. In a warm winter, the south facing cliffs get hit hard by the sun and there wont be much more than a tease. Despite being very ephemeral, the climbs here are some of the most interesting in the valley, and it’s our only ice cragging zone.

Mixed Crags – A bunch of new mixed lines have gone up in the last couple of seasons, get the full beta here.

Cavity Games – a fun chimney with ice in the back.

Coal Creek Slabs – a variety of lines and easy to toprope.

Coal Creek Cruiser - a funt pitch of moderate ice.

Cold Heaven – one of the most impressive climbs in the valley.

Curtain Call - a super fun, long moderate outing.

Drinkin’ the Drip – short mixed section and steep curtain.

Roadside Attraction - a mini cragging area with several lines.

Single Parenting – cool pitch of easy ice.

Stoney Vision – interesting mixed climbing 30 seconds from your car.

Locals Corner

When Tomorrow Never Comes

I can only imagine how excited you were, hiking up to the base in the crisp, pre-dawn air. You’d probably been watching this thing grow, knowing it doesn’t come in often. The day before you died, I noticed the same line and thought of you, even though we hadn’t climbed together in a while. You […]

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