Coal Creek Ice Climbs

Maybe this year...

Coal Creek is one of those places that in the right conditions is fantastic, but catching it in shape can be tough. There’s a healthy variety of climbs here when they come in, from short pillars to rope stretching mixed routes. In a good winter, abundant snowfall with the right combination of sunny and cloudy days means a lot of ice. In a warm winter, the south facing cliffs get hit hard by the sun and there wont be much more than a tease. Despite being very ephemeral, the climbs here are some of the most interesting in the valley, and it’s our only ice cragging zone.

Mixed Crags – A bunch of new mixed lines have gone up in the last couple of seasons, get the full beta here.

Cavity Games – a fun chimney with ice in the back.

Coal Creek Slabs – a variety of lines and easy to toprope.

Coal Creek Cruiser - a funt pitch of moderate ice.

Cold Heaven – one of the most impressive climbs in the valley.

Curtain Call - a super fun, long moderate outing.

Drinkin’ the Drip – short mixed section and steep curtain.

Roadside Attraction - a mini cragging area with several lines.

Single Parenting – cool pitch of easy ice.

Stoney Vision – interesting mixed climbing 30 seconds from your car.

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So yeah, it’s been quiet around here, but not because I’m sitting around wasting away my summer watching reruns and eating cheesy poofs. Rather, I’m up to my neck in guidebook research, and don’t have much time for anything else, as we are going to press in the next month. Here’s a few images for […]

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