Replacing Old Bolts With ClimbTech Glue Ins

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated locals, old hardware at crags across the country is getting updated with the good stuff. In that vein, ClimbTech just released a new video detailing the process of upgrading old bolts on a classic route at Reimer’s Ranch in Texas. Besides being jealous of all that drippy looking limestone […]

Letting Go

In the Rock Warrior’s Way, Arno Ilgner talks about how the fear of falling usual breaks down into one of two things: those who are afraid of getting hurt, and those who are afraid of letting go (losing control). I fall into the latter, and often have to take a few practice falls at the […]

Read This If You Get Injured

About six weeks ago, I stopped a boulder from rolling off a small cliff and likely crushing some teenagers (long story). In the process, I injured my back, as apparently I wasn’t quite strong enough to stop a giant rock. Maybe I need to do more Cross Fit, boulder wrestling sounds like something they probably […]

Climbing Ironies

Climbing seems to be full of things that don’t make sense. A few of the more perplexing paradoxes in our sport: Steep climbs have lots of bolts, but slabs have very few. The steeper a cliff gets, the safer the falls. So why do steep routes generally have bolts fairly close together, while slabs, which […]

Open Access – Red Rocks, Rumbling Bald, Jailhouse

For all of the people who wonder exactly what it is the Access Fund does, they’ve put together “a three part video series about passionate climbers, their connections, and how the Access Fund unites the community with the shared goal of preserving access and conserving the climbing environment.” Check ’em out! The Secret is Out: […]

March Contest Post – What’s Your Weakness?

(Leave a comment for a chance to win a sweet new Metolius Contact Hangboard!) After you’ve been climbing for awhile, most people tend to gravitate towards a certain a style. It might be a kind of hold your prefer, movements you enjoy, a rock type you like, etc. As such, it’s not uncommon ton find […]

Contest Post – Winter Motivation

A big thanks to everyone who commented on last month’s post, the winners have been notified, and if you weren’t one of them, here’s your chance to win some more great stuff! I was working at my desk the other day, and looked out the window, noticing the light was starting to fade as some […]

A Week of Rest and Thanks

I’m not climbing at all this week, and it feels great. With the arrival of a bunch of snow recently, we are now in the “winter” season, though it’s been fairly warm and dry since the storm. I have to admit, I really enjoy winter rock climbing, if for no other reason than we finally […]

Welcome to SplitterChoss 4.0

As some of you may have noticed, the site got a bit of an upgrade last week. I mostly wanted to get a new homepage that allowed access to more of the content on the site, and presented it in a more organized manner. This thing has been around for almost seven years now (!!!), […]

Who Wants Some Free Stuff?

Who Wants Some Free Stuff?

OK, while the search for an online nemesis (and all that sweet, sweet traffic) continues, I guess I’ll have to keep kicking it old school for the time being. So who wants some free stuff? It’s been way too long since we’ve had a giveaway, how about a simple comment on this post and you […]

Friday Five – A Mixed Bag

This month’s edition has no theme, just a collection of things from across the web that I’ve found worth reading. I hope you enjoy them too!

Ice Climbing is Adventure

Ice Climbing is Adventure

Over the last two years, I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts from ice climbing. Prior to that, I was vigorously pursuing a goal to tick all the major flows in Redstone, and having come within a few routes of accomplishing it, my passion dissipated. Like many, I’ve also struggled with the objective danger of […]

Friday Five – Training Day

Hangboards or movement training? Campusing or drinking beer? These are tough questions, and in this month’s Friday Five, we present five articles covering different aspects of training. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration and take YOUR training to the next level! Alex Honnold writes about the climbers in Poland, and how unbelievably motivated they are, despite […]

The Great Gym Dilemma

The grades in this particular gym felt two to three letter grades off, and it got me wondering what the majority of folks prefer when the climb indoors, grades that tend towards the soft side, or those on the stiff/sandbagged side.

The Journey is the Destination

The Journey is the Destination

Here we are again, the end of another year. A time of relaxing with friends and family, a time of thankfulness and gratitude, for all we experienced over the previous twelve months. Many fond memories, shared with special people, in the most incredible places in the world. The life of a rock climber is a […]

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Locals Corner

Bulldog Creek Dog Walk (IV WI 4+)

Hayden Carpenter and Tom Bohanon recently repeated an obscure ice climb on the south side of Mt Sopris. Given a brief mention in Jack Robert’s ice guide, Bulldog Creek Walk is described as being 100 meters of WI 4. What they found was seven pitches of ice in a remote setting that makes for one […]

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