Eight for Eight – Happy Anniversary to Us

While congratulating the Enormocast on their recent two year anniversary, it dawned on me that SplitterChoss is eight years old. Eight! That’s like 572 years in internet time. It’s been a grand adventure, and one that we are still on thanks to a fun crew on this side and a great group of fans on the other.

In celebration of this milestone, I looked back in the archives and pulled out eight posts that were memorable for one reason or another. If you get a break from the family and friends in your festive gatherings this week, grab some egg nog and enjoy a trip down memory lane with these classics:

1 ) Top 5 Climbing Movies of All Time – 5/14/08

While some have mistakenly assumed this was a “serious” list, this was instead our look at the funniest climbing segments in mainstream movies. With classics like Take it to the Limit and Vertical Limit, you don’t want to miss these surefire laughs.

2 ) The Only Rule: Don’t be an Asshole – 1/6/11

While as climbers we like to make up a lot of “rules” and debate about “ethics,” the truth is there really is only one that everybody needs to remember.

3 ) My Day in the Life of A Woman Climber – 8/5/09

An insightful and daring look into the world of women climbers, from a man who risked it all to become like them.

4 ) Top 5 Things Developers Say to Get You to Their Crags – 2/21/13

Don’t be fooled into carrying a heavy pack for 45 minutes up hill only to climb on some lichen encrusted choss pile.

5 ) 12 Least Impressive Ascents of 2012 – 12/20/12

You wont find this list on Outside or Rock and Ice, but you don’t want to miss the least impressive ascents of last year.

6 ) Sometimes, It’s Something More – 8/14/12

Climbing is only climbing, until it’s not.

7 ) Don’t Tell Me What to Do – 4/23/12

Love it or hate it, beta is something every climber will have to deal with at some point.

8 ) What Your Training Program Says About You – 1/28/11

If you didn’t already have enough to worry about with people judging you by your clothes or what style of climbing you enjoy, here’s what your training program can tell us about you.

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  1. Congrats!!

    Narc December 28, 2013 at 8:55 am
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