Five Ten Guide Tennie Review


5.10’s Guide Tennie approach shoe has been around in one form or another for about twenty years and I fondly remember approaching summer alpine climbs in an early version soon after I started climbing. So when the chance to try out the 2018 model presented itself, I eagerly accepted.

During my first outing in the Guide Tennie, it didn’t take long for me to appreciate the stiff, compression-molded EVA midsole and it’s excellent underfoot protection. This shield allowed me to be less concerned about where I placed my foot while hiking, as pointy, irregular rocks no longer threatened the bottoms of my feet. A wide, cushy heal further adds to the shoe’s comfort and helped provide welcome stability while navigating uneven terrain with a pack on. In fact, the Guide Tennie is one of the most stable approach shoes I have worn.

Once the shoes had begun to break in, I ventured onto more technical terrain and enjoyed outrageous stickiness. To give the Guide Tennie this gecko-like traction, 5.10 engineers the soles with Stealth® C4™ climbing rubber configured in its Dotty™ tread pattern. Add in sticky-rubber rands, a smooth edging platform under the toes, and a hand ground beveled sole edge, and it’s no surprise the Guide Tennie is such a strong rock climber. Finally, if you’re not worried about losing some hiking comfort, consider downsizing a bit to further boost the shoes climbing prowess.

Fit is on the wide side but laces to the toe help address volume concerns, the leather suede upper is quite durable and water resistant, and the shoes weigh in at 13 ounces. I did find the Guide Tennie’s to be a little squirrelly on wet, muddy or icy terrain, but as I encounter so little of this while rock climbing in Colorado, it was an easy tradeoff considering the shoe’s other strong performance attributes.

If you are in the market for a stable, comfortable, durable approach shoe that also climbs like a demon, make sure to try on the 5.10 Guide Tennie.

Retail: $120

More info available on the Adidas/Five Ten website.

Dave Sheldon has been writing tech pieces and equipment reviews for the outdoor industry for over 15 years. When he’s not climbing around Boulder or getting his choss craving satisfied on the Western Slope, he’s hard at work in his Rolfing practice. Dave can be reached through his website,

One Response to Five Ten Guide Tennie Review

  1. My favorite present approach shoe.. moved to Australia from Colorado.. hard to find down here..

    Eddie Prados February 22, 2018 at 8:17 am
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