Photo of the Week – Mount Sopris

I should know better. After eight years of being a “blogger,” committing to something that has to happen on a regular basis, it’s a dangerous thing. Like so many blogs that come and go, the energy starts high, and then fades once the reality sets in.

But, I’m feeling like I need a challenge, so here it is: Post up a new photo every week for the entire year. That’ll be 50 some photos, and each will have some kind of small story to go with it. While most of these will come from the SC crew, we’ll also be considering guest submissions, see the details below this post. Here we go with the first one:

Mount Sopris (12,953′) from the top of Sunlight Ski Area. Sunlight is a popular up hill winter training spot, and you get this incredible view as a reward at the top. Sopris dominates the skyline in the Roaring Fork Valley, but this is a side of it that’s often less visible than other aspects. This shot was taken several weeks ago after skinning up from the bottom on a beautiful winter afternoon.

Got a cool shot you want to share? Send us an email via the contact form, with a link to a place we can view your image online and we’ll take it into consideration.

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Bulldog Creek Dog Walk (IV WI 4+)

Hayden Carpenter and Tom Bohanon recently repeated an obscure ice climb on the south side of Mt Sopris. Given a brief mention in Jack Robert’s ice guide, Bulldog Creek Walk is described as being 100 meters of WI 4. What they found was seven pitches of ice in a remote setting that makes for one […]

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